Many millions of  unclaimed funds remain in every country. The origins of these assets are very diverse: money from a managed estate (inheritance), a recovery in the event of bankruptcy or debt restructuring, the price tag in cash of unclaimed securities ... In short, assets of which it is not known who is entitled to them.

 It may happen that the custodian of the funds (= professionals - financial or insurance institutions - companies - liquidators or executors) cannot find the beneficiaries. As a result, the funds cannot be returned and often the funds are then given to the public authorities for safekeeping, in particular in the so-called custody office. After a certain period of time, they fall into the hands of the state. These funds can be claimed by or on behalf of the rightful claimants before the end of the term. 

International Genealogy Services Belgium offers both private individuals and professionals the adequate service to check whether you are eligible for an inheritance or money from a bankruptcy/liquidation case. In the BENELUX countries, International Genealogy Services Belgium carries out this investigation in person, but if it turns out that it leads to other countries, we coordinate the investigation in cooperation with local colleagues.

International Genealogy Services is also the contact point for liquidators'. The tasks of a liquidator can be very extensive and sometimes he may be faced with the need to identify the entitled parties when liquidating a bankruptcy. 

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