It is very difficult to estimate the exact cost of a genealogical research. This depends on the duration of the research, the number of hours worked, the complications during the research and the nature and technicality of the project. At the first consultation we will attempt to draw up a cautious estimate. There is no charge for the estimate if it is refused.

Once the research is completed International Genealogy Services Belgium will present to the client a final written report, even if the research is negative. This report will be dated, signed and certified. Included with the report, all elements of proof which give the evidence of the reports integrity.


Our fee structure is transparent and flexible.
International Genealogy Services Belgium always works on the basis of budgeted fees or according to the international custom of contingency fee, a percentage of the estate.
International Genealogy Services Belgium respects the principle of never exceeding the agreed budget or make additional charges without the formal agreement of the client, on behalf of all the beneficiaries.