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International Genealogy Services is a professional historical and genealogical research company, operating nationally and internationally with other researchers and genealogists.  No matter what kind of genealogical question, we provide our clients with a wide range of research services. By contacting us and providing us with basic information about a genealogical project, we can make a skilled and trusted evaluation to insure research results and costs to reach that goal.

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Our historical and genealogical research enable us to trace and locate persons entitled to benefit from unclaimed assets. International Genealogy Services is in partnership with notaries and lawyers in locating heirs, beneficiaries of life insurance, owners of abandoned buildings, estates and properties. 

International Genealogy Services covers a broad range of specializations :

research ancestral roots through archives in France, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

• heir and estate research worldwide
• research for beneficiaries of life insurance
• complex archival research based on specific detailed request
• research on cultural and industrial heritage
• organizing genealogical workshops
• guides you in search of your ancestral roots and organize family reunions
• other services provide are, giving lectures on Dutch & French genealogy in Dutch, French or    English  and digital copies of records 
• transcribe and translate original documents in Dutch, French, English and German

Who is International Genealogy Services ?

An STOFFERIS is an experienced historian and founded International Genealogy Services, which is based in France. She was born in Belgium (1976) and studied history at the Catholic University of Leuven specializing in cultural history of the middle ages, modern times, and contemporary history. 

Also at that time, she conducted an extensive genealogical research about the origin of the Belgian scientist Joseph PLATEAU (1801-1883). In March 1996, she was successful in bringing together the different branches of the PLATEAU family to a reunion in Ghent. Her frequent visits to PLATEAU’s descendants resulted in direct access to a very large number of sources for the history of this family. Some sources remained unknown, but gave her the opportunity to uncover new scientific and family data.

In 2010, AN STOFFERIS prepared and presented a biographical article on the decoration painter Antoine PLATEAU (1759-1815) :
A. Bergmans & A. Stofferis, un des meilleurs peintres de fleurs de son temps - Biographie d'Antoine Plateau, dans Een belvedère aan de Schelde. Paviljoen De Notelaer in Hingene (1792-1797), Brussels, 2010, p. 557.

In 2004 An STOFFERIS obtained her master's degree in Tourism & Management at the University Antwerp Business School. That same year she moved to France and began working at the Belgian Embassy in Paris. But her passion for history and genealogy was very present. In 2012 she decided to expand her genealogical knowledge by following a course in Historical & Probate Research. 

An STOFFERIS is fluent in Dutch (native language), French, English and German. Some or all of these languages may be necessary to fulfill a project, as records were created in different languages, depending on the time and the place.

An STOFFERIS is a member of the Syndicat de généalogistes de France 'SYGENE' (www.sygene.fr ) and  of the Association of Professional Genealogists (http://www.apgen.org).  An STOFFERIS has become member of 'Interpret Europe' (www.interpret-europe.net). 

International Genealogy Services SAS is covered by the insurance company MMA IARD contract n° 120133171 covering his professional civil liability.