At the request of a private partner or a member of the legal profession (lawyer, court), International Genealogy Services Belgium will proceed with the genealogical research. Several members of the same family may live in different countries and this will require us to request a research for those family members through professional genealogists worldwide. 

We depend on the client for much information regarding this person or family and this information is used in a strict legal framework for our research. It is delivered exclusively to the client that has given us the assignment.

Very often a birth or death certificate will be our starting point. Upon agreement of the project, we organize our investigation according to the assignment and the information we have obtained. Then we start the research in various archives and other administrations.

At the end of the research, we submit a final report including the following items :
-a research calendar detailing each source studied
-copies of the original records, the abstracts or transcripts
-a summary of the results of the research session with a family tree
-a report with the full contact information of the heirs and their inheritance