Our services

International Genealogy Services is a professional historical and genealogical research company with researchers and genealogist operating nationally. Our historical and genealogical research allows us to trace and locate persons entitled to benefits from unclaimed assets. International Genealogy Services is in partnership with notaries and lawyers in locating heirs, beneficiaries of life insurance, owners of abandoned buildings, estates and properties.

International Genealogy Services intervenes in various files like :

  • ancestry and historical research by visiting archives throughout France and abroad ;
  • worldwide probate research;
  • search for unknown or missing beneficiaries of life insurances;
  • certificates search in France and abroad;
  • authoring or co-authoring of historical & genealogical publications;
  • research business history and local history;
  • organizing genealogical consulting and workshops;
  • organizing ancestral tours and reunions ;
  • transcribe or translate documents in Dutch, French, English and German.

International Genealogy Services works with colleagues genealogists abroad.