Our commitments

  •  Professional genealogist use their expertise and skills in historical, genealogical and probate research for searching heirs and to establish a correct inheritance devolution.
  • Professional genealogist are required to comply with  absolute discretion on the facts and information they access.
  • Professional genealogist are to respect the privacy of members of the family or the heir and never disclose their addresses. 
  •  Professional genealogist purpose is to have an honorable and respected relationship with their colleagues.

Genealogical and probate research is always in evolution and it requires  thorough knowledge of all the sources of information. 

Because of their expertise and professionalism 'International Genealogy Services' is the ideal partner for all your genealogical and historical projects.

 International Genealogy Services commits to the following :

• will ensure that the historical & genealogical research is complete within the parties agreed fee and time frame;
• will do everything to obtain a satisfactory historical & genealogical research;
• will establish an estimate detailing the fees, the traveling costs, the accommodation and other expenditures;
• will accept the project, with regard to the planned fee requirement of the customer;
• will, when the project is finalized and having received all due fees, will deliver a complete report to the client, even in case the research is negative;
• will apply the principle of never exceeding the agreed budget or making additional costs without the formal agreement of the client.