Heir and Estate

In legal terms “ab intestate” means “without a will”. In the absence of a will, International Genealogy Services can retrace the family history and attempt to locate the closest living relative. We rely on the client to present us with as much information as possible, in our search of heirs and estates. 

Our responsibility to an estate without a will is to trace potential beneficiaries, investigate their legitimate status and locate them. When searching for a missing beneficiary of an estate, identity of the estate owner is important.  Also, we search for insurance beneficiaries by name or default.

As a probate genealogist, we are able to organize a worldwide search, as we are in a partnership agreement with other researchers, lawyers and courts. This allows for an accurate heredity inheritance. 


When International Genealogy Services accepts a project, by request of a member of the legal profession (courts and lawyers), we begin by consulting with department heads of municipalities. We can assist in collecting necessary documentation in Dutch, German, French and English to establish an inheritance.

Our research can take several months, depending on the number of family members and difficulties encountered. 
Our fee is based on budgeted fees, (according to the international custom of contingency fee) a percentage of the estate. This fee structure is transparent and flexible.

At the conclusion of our probate estate research, we transmit to the member of the legal profession, a final report. They will inform the estate of its rights and will liquidate the estate, with your consent.