Genealogical Consulting

During a genealogy research, a difficulty could easily surface. The experience of International Genealogy Services can direct you with suggestions to research a variety of official records. If that directive leads you to France, Germany or Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg), again we can be a benefactor for closure of your family history. 

As a consultant we can :
• direct you through genealogical obstacles
• create a research plan
• analyze records for evidence and clues
• assist you with a visit to the archives in France & Benelux
• transcribe and translate original documents in French, Dutch, German & English
• a first online research in French, Dutch, German & English


International Genealogy Services organizes lectures and workshops in French, Dutch and English. The workshop can be presented in your town, retirement home or activities club. Topics would include research methods, tools and sources for exploring your family history. We offer the public a comprehensive program of genealogy workshops and courses. 
We promote “cross generation exchanges” and can help educational systems in creating genealogical workshops for their students. This will enable students the opportunity to learn more about their ancestors families and social lives.
If you are preparing to write a history of your town or village, company or a famous individual in your family line, we are able to assist in obtaining historical documents, which are kept in archives. 

If production of a short documentary or a full length film of France or Benelux or a subject concerning these countries, we can aid you and save you research time.