Discover Ancestral Roots

Migration is a part of human nature. Marriage, a new job, a promotion to a new location or just the adventure to begin a new life.  The region of France and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), after the year 1800, millions migrated to other regions and countries, full of hope of a new and better life.
Whether seeking to research your family history or just a visit to France or Benelux, International Genealogy Services can assist you. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your family history come to life. We create individual itineraries that enable you to experience your family place of origin in a unique and personal way.

La Plage

With the purpose of visiting villages and meeting relatives, International Genealogy Services can  offer :

• make contacts in advance to local authorities, search for living or collateral relatives and archives
• personal visit of your ancestral town or village
• research ancestral roots throughout France & Benelux
• consulting in the preparation of a family tree folder, including mortality tables, family groupings with lineage,  guaranteed and verified with    accurate reference details

• translation of letters and texted materials exchanged between families and local authorities
• photography and videotaping of your family reunion

While doing a family research and your wish is to do or have a particular or special event, International Genealogy Services can professionally organize or arrange that event.