Cultural and Industrial Heritage

We have become a global society, with interest in our history and its influence on the past.  Since the ‘90’s our fascination for our culture and industrial heritage has greatly increased. This is evident with the annual European and England’s “open days”.  This annual program started in France (1984) and England (1994). This program offers opportunities to visitors, free access to buildings, monuments and sites which are not normally accessible to the public. Its aim is to widen access and foster care for architectural and environmental heritage. 

If there is interest in writing a history of a village or town, then International Genealogy Services can help. We can identify key themes that have contributed to the development of industry, farming, crafts and significant events, which has influenced the change of its history.

And what about your company history ?


Each business has its own unique account of how the company went from an idea to a reality. Consider the value of your company’s history.  Consider the interest it could generate, as a marketing tool, on your website or printed material to a potential client.