Genealogy is a curiosity for most, a hobby for many and an obsession for others.  Some people have very specific reasons for tracing their family tree, while others jump into family history research without giving it much thought.  There will be times when roadblocks and brick walls become a factor. International Genealogy Services has the experience and knowledge to obtain an answer to most genealogical questions and can provide solutions to discover a family’s history.  We will provide families with an accurate historical and genealogical research. Wherever your ancestry started, we can assist you in tracing your families history. 

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International Genealogy Services offers their clients a wide variety of research services :

 basic genealogical research is based on whatever data can be provided.  We will research a variety of references and archival sources to        locate some trace of an ancestor.  Also we will research for agnatic ancestry, ancestry by direct line and research for ancestry by branch.
• complex archival research is based on a specific detailed request.  The complex research option is recommended as a follow up to basic    research which requires a minimum of reliable information such as names or dates of emigration.  With adding details about localities,    occupation, and relationships, we are able to increase the knowledge about the lives of our ancestors.
• heraldic research
• creating the genealogy of an estate
• creating a family history heirloom, compiling many historical facts, photos and family stories (interviewing family members) into a    comprehensive history for generations. It is meant to reflect the precious gift of each family member and is intended to inspire future    generations.
• assist in locating living relatives to reconnect
• assist in understanding a namesake, family letters and diaries
• administrative and linguistic assistance in Dutch, French, English and German  

A family history manuscript is a treasure and International Genealogy Services will work with you to look at various publishing options, for creating  a family history book to creating a family history CD.