It happens regularly that someone dies 'ab intestat', what means 'without a will'. In the absence of a will, International Genealogy Services Belgium can retrace the family history and attempt to locate the closest living relative. In this research context International Genealogy Services Belgium is mandated by a professional (e.g. notary or lawyer). Our mission consists of tracing the potential beneficiaries, investigate their legitimate status and locate them.

Research within the BENELUX is carried out by ourselves and includes the visiting of archives throughout these countries. As probate genealogists, we are able to organize a worldwide genealogical search, as we are in a partnership agreement with other researchers, lawyers and courts. This allows us to offer our clients solid research results.

If you have problems with an uncooperative public administration or if you need to carry out thorough genealogical research and you need additional documents (e.g. a will of all kind of civil records...) either in Belgium or abroad, International Genealogy Services Belgium is able to assist. Our membership of an international network of professional genealogists enables us to search for heirs or beneficiaries in almost every country in the world. 

International Genealogy Services Belgium has the experience and the knowledge to obtain an answer to most genealogical questions and we will provide an accurate genealogical research.

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